Sunday Currently No. 2

imageAnother Sunday and another opportunity to write another entry. It’s late afternoon and I just woke up. I wasn’t able to post my entry last Sunday due to unavailable internet connection. Two weeks had passed and too much had happened lately. My night shift had ended and another shift is about to start. Hello afternoon shift!


Articles about the death of Alan Rickman. Such a heartbreaking one. I’m a Harry Potter fan and Rickman’s Character as Professor Snape will never be forgotten. After all, you’ll see Lily Professor.


My daily planner. Filling up the days I’ve missed. Sixteen days of adventure to remember.


Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose via Spotify.


How would I manage to sleep early tonight. My sleeping pattern had been disturbed due to my schedule that changes every two weeks.


The fresh scent of newly cleaned room..


Pair of Shorts and my College P.E. Uniform.


To sleep for at least six hours before going back to work tomorrow.


Sunday Currently No. 1

  Hello 2016, today is the first Sunday of the year and this would be my first Sunday Currently Entry. Since last year I wanted to write and have my own blog. Now, I have vowed to try to write things and I guess this would be a good start.

READING my drafts. I’ve been trying to write an article and almost of it is unfinished.

WRITING my first Sunday Currently Entry.

LISTENING to the sound of passing vehicles. The buses are all full since it’s just after the Holiday Season. I travelled two hours standing on a bus earlier because I need to be in the hospital before my duty starts at midnight. #ERNurse 

 THINKING what will I wear later? Godmother in a few hours.

SMELLING the ointment I applied to my hands. 

WEARING my scrub suit. White pants and printed top. 

NEEDING to get some sleep for the Christening of my friend’s son this morning. And needing to lose some pounds I gained last year.

My First

Harder than I thought. Its been months since I had started setting up this blog. I followed steps, have read tips and all that but I am still lost. Months of pondering and when I finally decided to have one I do not have any ideas what to do. I signed up, got a nice header, used the default theme, written a tag line and all that.¬†Writing is the least of my issues now, ideas may come when they feel like it I guess. That’s all for now. I hope to write longer next time. Ciao!